Enjoy The Southern Flavors At Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville in South Carolina is a city with a southern flavor that you will love to visit with a population of about 67,400 it is a city that might not be high on the popularity chart, but it definitely makes its way into your heart with its wonderful scenery and lively community life.

With the Appalachian forests in the backdrop, Greenville has wonderful weather for you, especially if you plan to visit between the periods of May to October. There are several downtown weekly or annual events that are held and even regular scenes like the Saturday Market every week is not only a place where you get fresh produce but also get to listen to live music.

This is a city that will help you indulge in craft beer of different flavors. With about a dozen of such breweries spread across it, you will surely love the unique flavors and enjoy them with the home grown and cultivated food scene that exists here. There is little surprise that the southern style of cuisine has several unique food offerings, something that is evident with about 120 restaurants to be found here in a 10 block radius.

The number of natural trails and waterfalls in wooded areas to discover around this city is several. Head to Falls Park on Reedy which has waterfall views that are spectacular; there is a curved and suspension bridge that you will love to explore as well as a picturesque park by the riverfront.

Swamp Rabbit Trail is a well known trail to discover in Greenville County. It is a rail trail that spans 19 miles and is based on a former railroad that used to be here.

The number of open green spaces to discover and enjoy here are numerous. The Paris Mountain State Park is another recreational area here, which has scenic forests and lakes. There are miles of biking and hiking trails. If you love to go camping visitors can enjoy the campground facilities as well as rent out kayaks and canoes for enjoying the lakes.

The number of places to visit in and around Greenville is indeed numerous and there is something for everyone to do here.

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