Experience Rocky Mountain Splendor At Golden

Golden is a municipal town that lies on the outskirts of Denver. If you wish to enjoy the flavor of the Rocky Mountains and park yourself at a small town nearby, Golden would be a good bet. This town serves as a gateway to mountainous landscape as well as has two city centers here that are signs of its growing urbanization.

Till now it is still the gateway to the mountains more than anything else; hence, if you would like to spend a weekend of rock climbing, hiking or skiing in the winter months, Golden in Colorado is where you want to be. The town was formed during the gold rush days and though it had a laid back period later on, today the economic and cultural boom that the state witnesses is making its effects felt in the town.

While the mountaineers and hikers here love the laid back lifestyle and the mountainous activities, many also come here for job prospects as this town and Boulder are two developing regions that have several companies moving here from Denver.

As a visitor at Golden, you would spend your days hiking and trekking while the evening and other relaxation hours can be spent at the brew pubs and microbreweries. This town is home to Coors Brewing Company which has given rise to several watering holes in the area.

Tourist attractions are several here. Among the natural parks and reserves, you will enjoy the paths that run along the waterways of the Clear Creek Trail. Here you will also find the Clear Creek White Water Park, which as kayaking courses. Among the museums here, there is the geology museum to check out of the Colorado School of Mines and the Colorado Railroad Museum.

If you would much rather explore the different natural spots, head to the North Table Mountain where you will love the wildflowers and eagles that grow by the trails at the Golden Cliffs Reserve as well as the Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Visit the Panorama Point Scenic Overlook where you will find sweeping views of the mountains that stretch across the Continental Divide.

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