Kanazawa And Places To See Here In A Day

Among the largest cities in Japan, one of them is Kanazawa. Hopefully you will have good weather during your stay here as there is much to see around this city. Kanazawa is known to be the capital of the central island Honshu in Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture. The place is known for the regional handicrafts, art museums, Edo era districts that are well preserved.

There are several outdoor venues here that are worth visiting and one of the places that you can start off with is the Kanazawa castle. It was built in the sixteenth century, when Peasant Kingdom was defeated which was a fiefdom, only one in Japan. This castle is large and a partially restored structure. Located by the Kenroku-en garden, it is an olden time and historic landmark that is a must see.

You will also want to check out the Kenrokuen Garden here, which was created in 17th century and even today it is known for the ponds, streams and the landscape design that is maintained over the years.

Your next place of visit would be the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art. Here there are Kaga Yuzen silk specialty specimens as well as Kutani porcelain items that are glazed with colors. There is a 21st century museum of contemporary art that is also worth stopping by. The museum has unique architecture, full of windows from floor to ceiling and circular in structure.

When you have a day to explore the city, I would suggest that you move quickly through these landmarks. Visit the Teramichi district next which houses the Myoryuji temple which has hidden stairways and secret chambers. If you have children along, they will like to visit this temple that has much to offer than the usual prayer halls and monastery life to showcase. 

Check out this temple in the Teramachi district head of the Nagamachi area. This is a neighborhood that you will like to stroll by which has cobbled alleys and wooden homes that belonged to samurais of the Edo period. Here you can also visit the entertainment district belonging to the Edo Period, where you will find the Shima Geisha House. It was a tearoom of the former times, dating back to 1820. Here one can check out period collections as well as the personal items that belonged to geishas.

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