Kashgar And Its Central Asian Old Town Flair

China is a vast country; it is divided into distinct regions like western and eastern China. Unique experiences can be found in these distinct regions as well as the region that straddles the crossroads between the West and the East.

Kashgar is located near the western border of the country which is close to other countries like Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. This city is known to be an oasis for the people in the region and it still serves as a trading post like it did in the past, lying on the Silk road that passes through Europe, Middle East and China.

I pick Kashgar as it offers a flair that is distinctly Central Asian; probably that is a reason that it was chosen as the location for the movie The Kite Runner. Among the several wonders of this old city is the Old Town which comprises of a series of tight alleyways, mud brick buildings which date back 500 years and more. Here you will come across Ughur workshops as well as a Sunday Market that has hordes of traders that descend on the town for trading livestock. Kashgari dishes that are native to the local cuisine such as naan flatbreads can be found here selling in large quantities as well as rare trinkets.  A friend, Brandon, who owns Southern Star Roofing, visited the Holy Land in Israel for 10 days and loves to travel the world when not working on roofing projects in Charlotte.  He plans a trip to China and Kashgar in the next 12 months, having done lots of research, felt like this would be a unique trip.

Among the historical places to visit here is the Id Kah Mosque, which lies on Jiefang Lu. This largest mosque is the center of Islamic religion in Xinjiang. On holidays and special occasions young men can be seen wearing their national costumes and dancing happily as they show their thanks to god.

In the Old Town district the local culture can be witnessed as well as traces seen on the history of the place. The history of this place dates back two thousand years and traditional workshops are found here, which showcase folk handicrafts, colorful caps, pottery products. Besides the Id Kah Mosque, the Abakh Khoja mausoleum is also one of the Islamic shrines that are mostly decorated in the country.

You can also visit the Karakul Lake that has breathtaking views of the mountains and the sky as it lies in the lap of beautiful desert scenery.

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