Naples: The Elegant City Of Italy

I took a trip to Naples with my family recently. It was a lovely trip and an amazing experience. We stayed at Via Toledo. One is recommended to stay at the same or Chiaia and Centro Storico.  After checking in to the hotel, we went to Via dei Tribunali –a holy grail for pizza lovers. It is also recommended to have pizzas at Da Michele. It exhibits the real Italy and is called the soul of Italy.

It has UNESCO World Heritage site – the city center and has many incredible attractions. It is located on the water and so is pedestrian friendly. The best time to visit this city in April, May, September, and October. One may get around the city by bus, train, metro, ferries, and hydrofoils. We visited the Castel dell’Ovo – Egg castle which is situated on the seaside. It was named after the legendary Roman poet Virgil who was also a great sorcerer. Then we went to see Castel Nuovo – New Castle which is a cultural center situated in front of the Piazza Municipio. It was once a royal seating for the kings of Naples, Aragon, and Spain.

We then visited the Church of San Domenico Maggiore, one of the beautiful churches of Naples. Its architecture is awe-inspiring and the ceilings were specially designed by the artist Francesco Solimena who was a famous baroque painter too in Naples. We also visited Gesu Nuovo which is a church situated in the square of Naples. Then we visited the Museo Cappella Sansevero. It is the veiled Christ sculpture that was made by Neapolitan artist Giuseppe Sanmartino in the year 1753. It shows the figure of Christ lying and covered in a cloth. Visit this place for a week at least.

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