Visit The Beach City Puerto Cortés To Have Fun

Puerto Cortes is also known by the name Puerto de Caballos. The city is located on the Honduras north Caribbean coast. The city was founded during the early colonial era. The city has Alvarado Lagoon, which extends up to 2 miles (3 km) along the south shore of Caballos Point. The city is the seaport for Sula Valley and San Pedro Sula. Puerto Cortés one of the favorite vacation spots for tourist because of its beaches. There are numbers of beaches present here and each one has its own specialty.

Playa De La Coca Cola

This is the municipal beach of Puerto Cortes and here you will have everything that one wants in a happening beach. Either you have come here to see the sandy shoreline of the beach, try some water sport or to relax with some drinks, dance or anything else, everything is right here.

Playa De Cienaguita

The most refreshing thing to do in Playa de Cienaguita is taking a dip in Cenote. It is soothing and you will have lots of fun trying this for sure. There are many more fun-filled activities present here, but you are going to enjoy this most this is for sure.

Playa De Rio Mar

This is again a beach that you will fall in love with. It is wide and has a sandy shoreline. It is not much crowded and thus it will offer you lots of fun and entertainment. To have the best experience go there with your friends.

Central Park

The central park has lots of entertainment options and a good destination to visit with family. There is greenery, pool and many other facilities present. Inside the central park, you can see the colonial architect of Puerto Cortes. Moreover, children have a play area is ample.

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