Kashgar And Its Central Asian Old Town Flair

China is a vast country; it is divided into distinct regions like western and eastern China. Unique experiences can be found in these distinct regions as well as the region that straddles the crossroads between the West and the East.

Kashgar is located near the western border of the country which is close to other countries like Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. This city is known to be an oasis for the people in the region and it still serves as a trading post like it did in the past, lying on the Silk road that passes through Europe, Middle East and China.

I pick Kashgar as it offers a flair that is distinctly Central Asian; probably that is a reason that it was chosen as the location for the movie The Kite Runner. Among the several wonders of this old city is the Old Town which comprises of a series of tight alleyways, mud brick buildings which date back 500 years and more. Here you will come across Ughur workshops as well as a Sunday Market that has hordes of traders that descend on the town for trading livestock. Kashgari dishes that are native to the local cuisine such as naan flatbreads can be found here selling in large quantities as well as rare trinkets.  A friend, Brandon, who owns Southern Star Roofing, visited the Holy Land in Israel for 10 days and loves to travel the world when not working on roofing projects in Charlotte.  He plans a trip to China and Kashgar in the next 12 months, having done lots of research, felt like this would be a unique trip.

Among the historical places to visit here is the Id Kah Mosque, which lies on Jiefang Lu. This largest mosque is the center of Islamic religion in Xinjiang. On holidays and special occasions young men can be seen wearing their national costumes and dancing happily as they show their thanks to god.

In the Old Town district the local culture can be witnessed as well as traces seen on the history of the place. The history of this place dates back two thousand years and traditional workshops are found here, which showcase folk handicrafts, colorful caps, pottery products. Besides the Id Kah Mosque, the Abakh Khoja mausoleum is also one of the Islamic shrines that are mostly decorated in the country.

You can also visit the Karakul Lake that has breathtaking views of the mountains and the sky as it lies in the lap of beautiful desert scenery.

Cairns: Discovering Epic Things to Do

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The natural surrounding and the beautiful climate of Cairns are sure to enthrall you. It is close to the Great Barrier Reef and this is one of the primary reasons I decided to visit this city. It should be on every traveler’s bucket list. Here are some of the best things that you can do when you visit Cairns.

Go Snorkeling

Like I said it is close to the Great Barrier Reef and makes it one of the top attractions of the city. This is home to a wide variety of marine life has the largest coral reef system. I came to learn that there are 2900 reefs. See it up close by scuba diving or snorkeling. I can guarantee you that this is something that you are never going to forget. Apart from snorkeling, you can also book a tour.

Visit Village of Kuranda

I always wanted to experience a rainforest and Kuranda village gave me the opportunity. There are several amazing attractions like wildlife park and bird aviary. I also took a ride on the Scenic Railway of Kuranda. It is a steam engine train ride which takes you along a path with great scenic beauty. You can also take a ride on the gondola.

Drop-In at Crystal Cascades

Another fun thing that you can while you explore the Cairns rainforest is to visit Crystal Cascade. This swimming hole is surrounded on all sides by large boulders and also waterfalls. It is quite popular among locals and tourists are starting to discover it as well. Cliff diving is quite popular here where you can leap off a surrounding cliff into below water. However, if you are doing it all by yourself without any guide, you need to be very careful as it is a dangerous activity.

Budapest – The Quirky City

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Being the vibrant capital of Hungary, this city has sure loads and loads to offer. It has everything you can ever want from the city you are staying in and you will get it. Budapest is one of the best cities to offer historical museums and galleries and appreciated architectures. It even hosts the country’s important parliamentary buildings. The city is very famous for its spa services and bet that they can’t be matched up to any other spa you could ever go through. The city is a very organically growing city. The city produces its own fruits and vegetables with organically grown seeds and is transferred all around the country. Here is what you should definitely visit.

Gellert Baths

This is the largest scale spa service offered by the city. It has got so many beautiful attractions that you will blow your mind. The most attractive piece is the open air pool they offer. The pool occasionally turns in to the wave pool when you want to have fun and the other time you can just swim around and relax. The there you will find an effervescent sauna and you will absolutely adore it. The relaxation you will feel being in there is amazing. Apart from the spa and sauna if you are looking for massages you will get those at an extra fee. The spa and sauna here start at 400 CAD.

Margaret Island

The island is almost two and a half kilometers long and sits eight in the middle of the Budapest city surrounded by green Forests and parks. Many recreational activities are held around the island and are one of the favorite leisure spots for the tourists and the locales. There is a running track outside in the island almost 5.5 km long and padded all along with the rubber. The entry to the island is not paid and it gets lovely in the night when the water fountains light up in monochromatic colors.

Visit The Beach City Puerto Cortés To Have Fun

Puerto Cortes is also known by the name Puerto de Caballos. The city is located on the Honduras north Caribbean coast. The city was founded during the early colonial era. The city has Alvarado Lagoon, which extends up to 2 miles (3 km) along the south shore of Caballos Point. The city is the seaport for Sula Valley and San Pedro Sula. Puerto Cortés one of the favorite vacation spots for tourist because of its beaches. There are numbers of beaches present here and each one has its own specialty.

Playa De La Coca Cola

This is the municipal beach of Puerto Cortes and here you will have everything that one wants in a happening beach. Either you have come here to see the sandy shoreline of the beach, try some water sport or to relax with some drinks, dance or anything else, everything is right here.

Playa De Cienaguita

The most refreshing thing to do in Playa de Cienaguita is taking a dip in Cenote. It is soothing and you will have lots of fun trying this for sure. There are many more fun-filled activities present here, but you are going to enjoy this most this is for sure.

Playa De Rio Mar

This is again a beach that you will fall in love with. It is wide and has a sandy shoreline. It is not much crowded and thus it will offer you lots of fun and entertainment. To have the best experience go there with your friends.

Central Park

The central park has lots of entertainment options and a good destination to visit with family. There is greenery, pool and many other facilities present. Inside the central park, you can see the colonial architect of Puerto Cortes. Moreover, children have a play area is ample.

Naples: The Elegant City Of Italy

I took a trip to Naples with my family recently. It was a lovely trip and an amazing experience. We stayed at Via Toledo. One is recommended to stay at the same or Chiaia and Centro Storico.  After checking in to the hotel, we went to Via dei Tribunali –a holy grail for pizza lovers. It is also recommended to have pizzas at Da Michele. It exhibits the real Italy and is called the soul of Italy.

It has UNESCO World Heritage site – the city center and has many incredible attractions. It is located on the water and so is pedestrian friendly. The best time to visit this city in April, May, September, and October. One may get around the city by bus, train, metro, ferries, and hydrofoils. We visited the Castel dell’Ovo – Egg castle which is situated on the seaside. It was named after the legendary Roman poet Virgil who was also a great sorcerer. Then we went to see Castel Nuovo – New Castle which is a cultural center situated in front of the Piazza Municipio. It was once a royal seating for the kings of Naples, Aragon, and Spain.

We then visited the Church of San Domenico Maggiore, one of the beautiful churches of Naples. Its architecture is awe-inspiring and the ceilings were specially designed by the artist Francesco Solimena who was a famous baroque painter too in Naples. We also visited Gesu Nuovo which is a church situated in the square of Naples. Then we visited the Museo Cappella Sansevero. It is the veiled Christ sculpture that was made by Neapolitan artist Giuseppe Sanmartino in the year 1753. It shows the figure of Christ lying and covered in a cloth. Visit this place for a week at least.

Olinda Is Just Awesome

The beautiful, artsy styled Olinda is spread over an area of 41681 km square units. It is most commonly referred and called as the “place to hoist the best” and most popular of all the carnivals in the country of Brazil where in you can experience the yearly bacchanalia.

For most of the travelers revive and is pretty much the same thing wherein the area of the Olinda part has more things to offer to person travelling. The Dutch and the Portuguese have certainly left an imprint of their culture and essence in firms of structures and the regular day life and sightings.

Carnivals are very famous and there is usually some or the other carnivals going around where you can instantly feel the vibe and fun which starts from the evening on a Friday all up on the Wednesday morning!

The transportation services that are pre planned to take the tourists around are to be paid and happen to be a bit expensive along with the bus that can cost only about ten to fifteen on an average estimate.

The places I visited when touring around Revive and Olinda Are

  • Olinda Historic Centre
  • Alto Da Sé
  • Monastery and a Basilica of St Benedict
  • Basílica Y Convento De San Francisco
  • Igreja Do Carmo
  • Or simply a fun day at Mirabilandia

You can easily and Devour after finding the food items at one of the various hotels after a busy day at travelling. These places include Parka, Oficina Do Sabor and Casa De Noca.

It is recommended that you visit this place for at least 4 days in order to experience the environment and complete the sightseeing around as well without rushing with the schedules. Make sure to bring cameras and video recorders to capture every moment in this beautiful place.

Enjoy The Southern Flavors At Greenville, South Carolina

Greenville in South Carolina is a city with a southern flavor that you will love to visit with a population of about 67,400 it is a city that might not be high on the popularity chart, but it definitely makes its way into your heart with its wonderful scenery and lively community life.

With the Appalachian forests in the backdrop, Greenville has wonderful weather for you, especially if you plan to visit between the periods of May to October. There are several downtown weekly or annual events that are held and even regular scenes like the Saturday Market every week is not only a place where you get fresh produce but also get to listen to live music.

This is a city that will help you indulge in craft beer of different flavors. With about a dozen of such breweries spread across it, you will surely love the unique flavors and enjoy them with the home grown and cultivated food scene that exists here. There is little surprise that the southern style of cuisine has several unique food offerings, something that is evident with about 120 restaurants to be found here in a 10 block radius.

The number of natural trails and waterfalls in wooded areas to discover around this city is several. Head to Falls Park on Reedy which has waterfall views that are spectacular; there is a curved and suspension bridge that you will love to explore as well as a picturesque park by the riverfront.

Swamp Rabbit Trail is a well known trail to discover in Greenville County. It is a rail trail that spans 19 miles and is based on a former railroad that used to be here.

The number of open green spaces to discover and enjoy here are numerous. The Paris Mountain State Park is another recreational area here, which has scenic forests and lakes. There are miles of biking and hiking trails. If you love to go camping visitors can enjoy the campground facilities as well as rent out kayaks and canoes for enjoying the lakes.

The number of places to visit in and around Greenville is indeed numerous and there is something for everyone to do here.

Rich And Healthy Way Of Life To Savor Visiting Johannesburg

A popular tourist destination in South Africa, Johannesburg might look like a concrete jungle at first glance, but it is also a gateway to African urban culture and retail destinations that are popular across the continent.

It is nicknamed as the City of Gold which refers to its rich mining past. Today it is a modern economic hub in the southern African region. The richest square mile can be found here, which is commonly known as Sandton. Johannesburg Stock Exchange is an important business landmark here as well as Sandton City which is known to be the largest shopping center of the continent.

You could compare this city with Eldorado of the West. The Joburg region in this city has expanded considerably and its limits are close to the neighboring Pretoria region. The work hard and play hard attitude is evident from the affluence of Sandton where you can shop at the big brand and high end boutique stores or dine at top notch restaurants. There are low key, casual eateries as well, such as street food or craft beer shops at Maboneng which are hipster hot spots.

Even with the flash and the money in this region, the roots of the city are evident in places like Apartheid Museum. This is a must see place for those who come from the city. Here one can revisit artifacts that reflect the tumultuous past of the city and know more about its history. There is the township of Soweto to visit which is a blooming urban community. Another museum of importance is the Hector Pietersen Museum, which also holds historical and cultural relics. Visit the former home of Nelson Mandela which is located on Vilakazi Street.

What is distinct about the city is its cosmopolitan flavor. The population across this metropolis is about 8 million. It is comparable to Guateng which is known to be the wealthiest province of this region. The gold rush that occurred in the 1880s brought a rush of people to this city. Several settlements formed which expanded to form the largest city of the region, known to be the City of Gold.

Experience Rocky Mountain Splendor At Golden

Golden is a municipal town that lies on the outskirts of Denver. If you wish to enjoy the flavor of the Rocky Mountains and park yourself at a small town nearby, Golden would be a good bet. This town serves as a gateway to mountainous landscape as well as has two city centers here that are signs of its growing urbanization.

Till now it is still the gateway to the mountains more than anything else; hence, if you would like to spend a weekend of rock climbing, hiking or skiing in the winter months, Golden in Colorado is where you want to be. The town was formed during the gold rush days and though it had a laid back period later on, today the economic and cultural boom that the state witnesses is making its effects felt in the town.

While the mountaineers and hikers here love the laid back lifestyle and the mountainous activities, many also come here for job prospects as this town and Boulder are two developing regions that have several companies moving here from Denver.

As a visitor at Golden, you would spend your days hiking and trekking while the evening and other relaxation hours can be spent at the brew pubs and microbreweries. This town is home to Coors Brewing Company which has given rise to several watering holes in the area.

Tourist attractions are several here. Among the natural parks and reserves, you will enjoy the paths that run along the waterways of the Clear Creek Trail. Here you will also find the Clear Creek White Water Park, which as kayaking courses. Among the museums here, there is the geology museum to check out of the Colorado School of Mines and the Colorado Railroad Museum.

If you would much rather explore the different natural spots, head to the North Table Mountain where you will love the wildflowers and eagles that grow by the trails at the Golden Cliffs Reserve as well as the Golden Gate Canyon State Park. Visit the Panorama Point Scenic Overlook where you will find sweeping views of the mountains that stretch across the Continental Divide.

Seychelles For A Luxury Island Getaway

A visit to the African continent would be incomplete without coming to Seychelles which is in Eastern Africa. This place lies to the northeast of Madagascar which comprises of hundred and more islands that are mostly uninhabited. The scenic beauty of these islands remains unrivaled as there are granite backed hills that rise from the ocean and are covered by tropical forests. The waterfronts have powdered sandy beaches and cerulean waters that go beyond the line of sight.

This island of tropical paradise has much to offer for sightseeing as well as cultural experiences. You could start with a stay at Mahe, which will offer you insights into Seychelles culture. Praslin is known to offer unending sun and sand experiences for which you need to take a ferry ride from the mainland. Have a few weeks to savor? Then I recommend the La Digue which is a small island that time seems to have forgotten, comprising of 2000 inhabitants and few roads to travel around. However, access to these islands is made easy by rides to and from by helicopters which are offered by most luxury resorts here. Accommodations that are luxurious abound in plenty in Seychelles and you will be pampered at resorts, which stand on their own private islands.

Activities on the beaches of any of the islands are several. Try snorkeling, diving or rides on glass bottom boats. Get a guide to tell you the rich history of the islands as you take excursions through the islands such as Mahe. This is considered the activity capital of Seychelles and has several diving spots that are safe and good to experiment with. Seychelles is home to unique flora and fauna and several guided tours will help you explore these with an informative guide by your side. Here one can find the Vallee de Mai which is referred to as the Garden of Eden. However, it is up to you to discover its beauty and give a verdict as to whether you think it lives up to its name.

Seychelles has a distinct French influence due to the French colonies that were formed here in 1770. Later on it was under the British control till 1976 for which its colonial influence is quite evident. Today the region has people from different communities living in peace.