Kashgar And Its Central Asian Old Town Flair

China is a vast country; it is divided into distinct regions like western and eastern China. Unique experiences can be found in these distinct regions as well as the region that straddles the crossroads between the West and the East.

Kashgar is located near the western border of the country which is close to other countries like Tajikistan, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan. This city is known to be an oasis for the people in the region and it still serves as a trading post like it did in the past, lying on the Silk road that passes through Europe, Middle East and China.

I pick Kashgar as it offers a flair that is distinctly Central Asian; probably that is a reason that it was chosen as the location for the movie The Kite Runner. Among the several wonders of this old city is the Old Town which comprises of a series of tight alleyways, mud brick buildings which date back 500 years and more. Here you will come across Ughur workshops as well as a Sunday Market that has hordes of traders that descend on the town for trading livestock. Kashgari dishes that are native to the local cuisine such as naan flatbreads can be found here selling in large quantities as well as rare trinkets.  A friend, Brandon, who owns Southern Star Roofing, visited the Holy Land in Israel for 10 days and loves to travel the world when not working on roofing projects in Charlotte.  He plans a trip to China and Kashgar in the next 12 months, having done lots of research, felt like this would be a unique trip.

Among the historical places to visit here is the Id Kah Mosque, which lies on Jiefang Lu. This largest mosque is the center of Islamic religion in Xinjiang. On holidays and special occasions young men can be seen wearing their national costumes and dancing happily as they show their thanks to god.

In the Old Town district the local culture can be witnessed as well as traces seen on the history of the place. The history of this place dates back two thousand years and traditional workshops are found here, which showcase folk handicrafts, colorful caps, pottery products. Besides the Id Kah Mosque, the Abakh Khoja mausoleum is also one of the Islamic shrines that are mostly decorated in the country.

You can also visit the Karakul Lake that has breathtaking views of the mountains and the sky as it lies in the lap of beautiful desert scenery.

Kanazawa And Places To See Here In A Day

Among the largest cities in Japan, one of them is Kanazawa. Hopefully you will have good weather during your stay here as there is much to see around this city. Kanazawa is known to be the capital of the central island Honshu in Japan, Ishikawa Prefecture. The place is known for the regional handicrafts, art museums, Edo era districts that are well preserved.

There are several outdoor venues here that are worth visiting and one of the places that you can start off with is the Kanazawa castle. It was built in the sixteenth century, when Peasant Kingdom was defeated which was a fiefdom, only one in Japan. This castle is large and a partially restored structure. Located by the Kenroku-en garden, it is an olden time and historic landmark that is a must see.

You will also want to check out the Kenrokuen Garden here, which was created in 17th century and even today it is known for the ponds, streams and the landscape design that is maintained over the years.

Your next place of visit would be the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art. Here there are Kaga Yuzen silk specialty specimens as well as Kutani porcelain items that are glazed with colors. There is a 21st century museum of contemporary art that is also worth stopping by. The museum has unique architecture, full of windows from floor to ceiling and circular in structure.

When you have a day to explore the city, I would suggest that you move quickly through these landmarks. Visit the Teramichi district next which houses the Myoryuji temple which has hidden stairways and secret chambers. If you have children along, they will like to visit this temple that has much to offer than the usual prayer halls and monastery life to showcase. 

Check out this temple in the Teramachi district head of the Nagamachi area. This is a neighborhood that you will like to stroll by which has cobbled alleys and wooden homes that belonged to samurais of the Edo period. Here you can also visit the entertainment district belonging to the Edo Period, where you will find the Shima Geisha House. It was a tearoom of the former times, dating back to 1820. Here one can check out period collections as well as the personal items that belonged to geishas.

The Maldives. Is scuba diving all that you can do there?

When you are talking to friends about the Maldives, they are always just talking about scuba diving. This is why so many people are asking if scuba diving is all that you can do there. Is there really nothing else to do for those people that don’t like doing scuba diving or want to do something different besides scuba diving. The great news is that there are many other things that you can do in the Maldives. Things that are going to be just as great as scuba diving.

Dolphin spotting

Who doesn’t like watching dolphins? This is one of the other popular activities that you can do in the Maldives. There are some great spots where you can see dolphins in their natural habitat. And, it isn’t hard to find a ship or boat that will take you to these spots. There are many tour boats that are taking tourists to this dolphin watching spots.

Visiting different Islands

For those that don’t know, the Maldives is more than one island. This is why visiting the different islands can be so fun. You can make a day trip to each island and experience different things on the islands. People there are talking about island hopping. It means that you are going from island to island and experience the whole Maldives.

There are some of these islands that are offering some great activities for tourists, and then you might want to find a place to sleep so that you can have more than one day on the island.


Where there is an ocean, then you will know that you can surf as well. And, the Maldives are offering some great surfing spots that surfers love. There are professional surfers that are traveling to the Maldives just to surf.

There are different surfing spots. Ideal for beginners and for professional surfers. There are even some places where you can learn how to surf for the first time. A great adventure.

Different water sport activities

If you are adventurous, then you will love the different watersport activities that the Maldives have to offer. If you are going to beach holidays all the time, you will know that there are always watersport activities to choose from. Or, you can just lie on the beach and enjoy the sun, water and a cocktail or two.

The Maldives. A great place for scuba diving. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any other activities that you can enjoy. Yes, most people are traveling to the Maldives for their famous diving spots. But, this doesn’t mean that you can enjoy some other activities as well. The Maldives is more than just a scuba diving destination.